Title Astrattismo
Number KAN002
Kandinsky Wassily
Medium Hand Painted Oil on Canvas
Dimensions 24 x 32 inches
School or Genre Modern
Year 1920
Status Custom order :  Painted especially for YOU!
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Astrattismo, Today the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky are valued in the millions of dollars. Like Picasso, Kandinsky grew up in a world which believed that a painting was supposed to be "about" something, and to look like what it was supposed to be about. In his younger years, Kandinsky himself was upset that Monet's masterpiece, "Haystacks at Giverny" did not look like haystacks. How ironic that Kandinsky would end up pushing the limits of abstract art much further than the Impressionists ever dared. Today looking at his vibrant colors, pleasing designs, and themes of music and spirituality, it is difficult to imagine just what all the fuss was about. But make no mistake, Kandinsky, widely considered to be the founder of abstract art, was a true pioneer and a master-artist who, along with Picasso and others, defined art in the 20th Century.  "Im Blau" is one of Mr. Kandinsky's most dramatic and enduring works. A "must have" for your collection!. - kan002


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Astrattismo, 1920, Kandinsky Wassily, Oil on Canvas, Fine art "re-creation"

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Tags: Astrattismo, 1920, Kandinsky Wassily, Oil on Canvas, Fine art "re-creation"