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About us

Circle Fine Art Gallery
Hyatt Regency Hotel,
Honolulu, Hawaii, 1988

       Established 1998, with nearly two decades of experience on two continents, the Alexander Gallery brings a global perspective to the creation of exquisite fine art and fine  art re-creations especially for YOU, our valued clients. Extensive fine arts and memorabilia background since1985--Masters Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona; Circle Gallery, World Trade Centre & Hyatt Regency, Honolulu, Hawaii;  Aka Traders, Chonburi, Thailand--has made us expert and dedicated to making the appreciation and ownership of fine art easy and affordable  to the average person. Click me for all the juicy info about us.

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For Wonderful Fine Art Re-Creations effective 1 January 2017
All prices are  in US$





Dimensions are always in inches

Standard catalog price for much of our standard work is $499

Everyday reduced price $299
27x41 ("one sheet" poster)
$299 plus shipping via EMS (International Express Mail) or equivalent.

We don't quibble over petty matters.  If the dimensions you specify vary slightly form the above standard sizes, no extra charge.


 Prices for  Standard Works in standard dimensions


Many of the Post-impressionist and modern artists including:  Chagall, Dali (most), de Lempicka, Gauguin, Kandinsky, Lichtenstein, Miro,  Picasso, Van Gogh. Also, Comics Art paintingsMovie Poster Paintings (most), Pulp Era Covers, Family Crest-Coat of Arms Paintings, as well simple orders falling into this category. 
Starting at just $299 and up

Send us a clear photo and your instructions / specifications, and we do the rest.

 Complex Works

Most Impressionist works as well as the complex works of Dali and others :  Dali (complex), Manet (simple),  Monet, Renoir (simple)  Pissarro,  (simple)

3Very complex  works
$1,100 and up

All Classical and Renaissance,  most of the Dutch Masters, as well as some Of the very complex impressionists  Bouguereau, Botticelli, Da Vinci,  Manet (complex) Raphael, Rembrandt, Renoir (complex)  Waterhouse, 
Custom work
$299 and up
WE ARE DELIGHTED to accept special  commissions. Choose from one of the  thousands of images in our archives, or supply us with your own image or even just a written description and we can bring your idea to life!   We are  happy to work with you according to your specifications Our wonderful artists can create virtually any image you like,. Contact us at
and we will reply promptly with a quote, specs and suggestions.

$299-$499 will usually apply depending upon the  size and complexity criteria above. 


Sales and

On now! Grab a bargain on our exciting eBay Auctions. A few of our choice works selected and on offer every Friday.  Bidding starts as low as $199.

Look for our MONDAY MADNESS specials.  When?  Duh!  Every Monday, of course! Where?  //www.AlexanderGallery.net
We hand-pick one of our classic treasures and offer it for one week only for as low as $169.  Don't miss these!


"8 Star Promise"


Our Famous "8 Star Promise"

Each painting comes  with a "COA" Certificate of Authenticity
All painting begins from "scratch" on a blank canvas
No mechanical transfer processes of any kind are ever employed
No mechanical transfer processes of any kind are ever employed
 Each painting is unique; an entirely hand-painted, oil on canvas,  work of art
 Only the finest Newton oils form the U.K. are used to produce rich  colors
 Highest grade linen canvas is used for strength, durability, and  beauty
 Each painting protected with Surefine brand sealant for lustre and  long life
 With proper care, your painting will last a lifetime

All paintings come with a
COA Certificate of Authenticity
bearing our official seal,
endorsed in your name,
dated, numbered and signed
by Henry Willoughby


Turnaround time

Although often sooner, please allow up to 30 days from the time your payment clears for commissioning, painting, drying and quality assurance and shipping.  Occasionally this may need to be a little longer depending on our workflow and the complexity of your project. Remember, this painting is being created on a blank canvas for YOUR our valued client.  So, thank you for your patience and understanding.



Paintings carefully packed in a sturdy tube  and shipped via EMS (International Express Mail) or equivalent which provides door-to-door tracking. Shipping, handling, and insurance is $69 for the first painting and $20 for each additional painting, up to 3 paintings per tube.  Delivery is 7-10 days, occasionally a bit more or less depending. Customs clearance may require a day or two longer.

Customs, Tax & Duty

We do not charge tax. Art shipped to the U.S. is not subject to duty. Other countries will vary on the amount of tax and duty and how aggressively they collect it. It has been our experience that items valued at a few hundred dollars are often ignored by Customs in most countries.  However, you are responsible for any duty and other taxes levied on your end.  Please contact your local authorities for more information.










Unframed :  All of our art is sold unframed. Unfortunately,  shipping charges for framed art are prohibitive.  All of our art comes to you unframed.  However, these days most cities and towns have a range of framers to choose from, and DIY (do it yourself) frame shops are becoming popular providing a fun and inexpensive alternative.

Stretcher Bars are not really “bars”, but rather simple, unpainted wooden frames which the canvas is pulled tautly around, and edges stapled to the frame. So the painting is on the outside rather than the inside of the frame, thus the  frame is not visible looking at the painting.  This stretcher frame is often then mounted inside a larger, decorative frame.  Framing is a matter of personal taste and some owners prefer to hang stretched art as-is without a decorative frame while others  prefer a decorative frame.  Both are acceptable choices depending upon the nature of the art, the surroundings it hangs in,  and personal taste of the owner.

You may have your painting stretched and, if desired, framed at  a local frame shop in your neighborhood. If you enjoy working with your hands, you might consider one of the popular "frame-it-yourself" type shops which provide materials, tools and guidance at a great value compared to custom framing.  You might just discover a new hobby!

Glass  :  We recommend that you do not frame your painting behind glass.

Simple or ornate framing is a matter of personal taste and is available in an enormous range of prices.  Extravagant framing can easily cost hundreds of dollars and more, and there  can be great variation in pricing from shop-to-shop for equivalent frames, so it pays to shop around.   However, you should be able to have your painting stretched for less than $100, and stretched and tastefully framed  for between $100-$200. 


















Your painting is  surprisingly durable..  As long as common-sense care  is exercised, your art will require little attention  and  remain  fresh and  beautiful for a lifetime.   Proper care mostly involves  conditions to avoid, and common sense things  NOT to do  rather than any active maintenance  you must perform yourself.

  • SUN LIGHT :  Please do NOT expose your  painting  to direct sunlight!  Even relatively  short exposures repeated over time, will noticeably  fade (and sometimes darken) colors. 

  • ARTIFICIAL LIGHT :  Avoid unusually bright artificial indoor light.  Best to avoid  commercially available display lights which are  mounted directly to the frame or immediately over the painting.   Diffused, low-intensity  spotlight from  10 feet distance is ideal

  • HEAT and HUMIDITY :   Avoid extremes, and fluctuations of heat and humidity.   Average temperatures of 70-75 º F and relative humidity of around 50%  are ideal.

  • POLLUTION :  Please display your painting in an environment as free as possible from dirt, dust, cigarette smoke, and fireplace smoke. Aside from the unsightly appearance, dirt also serves as a host for mold growth and the absorption of pollutants and moisture.     

  • INSECTS :  Occasionally carpet beetles, and other insects will sometimes roost in  paintings.  If you notice any evidence of infestation, immediately place your art work  in a plastic bag and take to a local frame shop for treatment.  Do not use any insecticides on the painting  yourself.

  • DAMAGE :  Any damage your canvas may incur, such as tears or punctures should be repaired by a professional.  Commonly available tapes and adhesives may have chemicals which will damage the art.

  • STORAGE :  The same guidelines regarding light,  temperature, humidity, etc  which apply to  displaying your painting  also apply to the storage environment.  You may loosely cover your paintings with low-lint cloth such as an old sheet, but please do not seal in plastic. 

  • TRANSPORT :  Sandwich your art between two flat pieces of cardboard or mat board, and then wrap in bubble or Styrofoam wrap.  Avoid keeping wrapped for prolonged  periods to prevent moisture buildup.

  • HANDLING : While it may sound obvious, please handle your painting gently with care, and keep away form sharp objects including buckles,  rings, watches and other jewelry.  Do not lean your painting against any object or surface with corners, points, spurs  or sharp edges.

  • VARNISH :  You may choose to varnish your painting in several  months.    Varnishing may change the appearance of your painting, often brightening colors improving general appearance.  It may also provide added protection..  This is personal decision and a matter of personal taste.  If interested, please discuss with a professional at your local frame shop.  Your painting may need cleaning before varnishing, and again, let the professionals at the framers do this for you.

  • CLEANING : Paintings may  be dusted regularly.  Use a soft, clean brush to gently  remove surface dust and dirt from the surface, back and frame.     However,  real cleaning should be done only by an expert at your local frame shop or gallery.   Never use any cleansers, detergents,  or other chemicals on your art.  If visible dirt remains after brush-cleaning, please  have the painting  cleaned professionally at your local frame shop. 

  • FOLLOWING  these simple guidelines  will insure that your art remains fresh and beautiful for a lifetime



Any questions at all or if there is anything we can do to be helpful, please contact us at          
We are real people and you will get a prompt reply from a real person

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