Title Incredible Hulk #1
Episode Is He Man or Monster or...Is He Both!
Number COM252
MAY 1962
Artist Master Artist RUNG
Characters Hulk, Bruce Banner, Thunderbolt Ross, Betty Ross
Oil on Canvas Comics Art Painting
Dimensions 20 x 30
Publisher Marvel
Status Work in Progress:  Painted especially for YOU!
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Superman: Krypton Lives Again! - The first appearance and origin of the Incredible Hulk in "The Coming of the Hulk." Script by Stan Lee, that the Hulk was colored grey for the first few issues of his series. Scientist Bruce Banner saves a young boy from being killed by a nuclear blast but absorbs deadly amounts of gamma radiation which transforms him into a monster dubbed the Hulk; Bruce Banner is scientist by day, but transforms into the Hulk once the sun goes down. the Hulk becomes one of the most tragic figures in Marvel's history. Don't miss out! Add this one to your collection today! - COM252


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Incredible Hulk #1, 1962, Comics Art Painting, Oil on Canvas

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