Batman and Robin - 1949
 Robert Lowery
 Johnny Duncan
 Jane Adams


Original Movie Poster Paintings
Hand-painted Oil on Canvas
One-sheet size 36 x 36 inches

       This Poster Painting is an Oil On Canvas, “work in progress”, by Master Artist  RUNG. Batman as a concept  was created in 1939, and in 1949 were produced as the Saturday Movie Matinee "Batman and Robin" serials consisting of 15 Chapters approximately 20 minutes each. They always ended on a "cliffhanger"  to keep you coming back to the movie house the following week. That is what was so much fun about Batman and Robin in those days. The cliffhangers continued into the 60's. The cost of admission was a dime. These serials were based on the Batman and Robin Detective Comics of that time. Some of the ideas in the serials were actually adapted by the comics.

     As often happens in our business, some very bad movies have inspired the most magnificent movie poster art. This one is one of the most dynamic and stunning we have seen.  A "must have" for your collection.  Don't miss out. 


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